j0305257The Science Department

Kimberly Sturdivant-Miller

Science Department Chairperson


Welcome back to a new and exciting school year!  Our teachers are excited and eager for the start of the school year and ready to implement and engage science students in various ways through real world explorations and applications.


Southwest Academy utilizes the essential curriculum in science, which is provided by Baltimore County Public Schools – Office of Science. The curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Maryland State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. Our curriculum introduces and focuses on general scientific concepts and skills for middle school students. Southwest Academy also has an Advanced Academics program, where students work at a faster and more rigorous pace. Students, who are in both general science, as well as The Advanced Academics classes, are allowed the opportunity to learn science through project-based activities, scientific laboratory investigations, differentiated instruction, and the use of technology. Each unit has a project that students will be responsible for completing and presenting. Our 8th grade Environmental Science students will be able to gain a high school science credit upon successfully passing the assessment at the end of the school year as well as our 8th grade Aquatic magnet students.


Southwest Academy has an array of science programs taught by highly qualified teachers. In addition to daily classroom instruction, each teacher will provide students with after school assistance and instruction as well as science oriented activities and clubs. All Advanced Academic and Science Magnet students are required to participate in the Annual STEM Fair; however it is strongly encouraged that the general science students participate as well. There will also be field trips scheduled for the students throughout the school year that will allow the students to relate what they have learned to the ‘real-world’.  We will be sure to keep you posted about the field trips.

All instruction and activities are geared to teach and enhance the science skills and concepts that will allow our students to be successful. The eighth graders take a comprehensive Baltimore County Eighth Grade Science Assessment as well as the Maryland State Assessment in science in the spring. Our focus is to assist and instruct students so that they meet all assessments with success.j0232138


The science department looks forward to an engaging, productive and exciting school year.