All applicants who meet the requirements for enrollment in Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) at the time of application and qualify for the program(s) selected, will be considered for placement. 

  • Baltimore County Public Schools does not employ any admissions criteria for elementary or middle school magnet programs.
  • Students applying to most high school magnet programs are required to attend an assessment.  Prior to attending an assessment, applicants MUST obtain the Assessment Guidelines for EACH program selected on the application. The Assessment Guidelines contain specific information about each assessment and any preparation required prior to the assessment. Assessment Guidelines are available from the link on the left side of this page.

Elementary and Middle School Magnet Placements:

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of seats available, applicants will be offered placement in the following sequence:

  1. Available seats will first be filled with priority placements.
  2. A random lottery will be conducted to fill all remaining available seats and to generate a wait list.

Priority placements include:

  • Child of an Employee - If the primary work site of a BCPS employee is a school with a magnet program and the employee’s child applies to, and is eligible for, a magnet program in that school, the child will be given priority placement in the magnet program.

Random Lottery:  Using the magnet application lottery system developed by Firefly Digital, Inc., applicants are randomly sorted for each program and either offered admission or placed on a wait list. Admission decisions will be mailed to parents by March 9, 2017 (date subject to change). 

If you have questions or need additional information,
please contact the Office of Magnet Programs at 443-809-4127.