Class of 2017

Parents of 8th grade students,

As the administrative team and staff work to prepare for the 2016-2017 school year, we realize that the summer months will fly by fast, and we will soon hear the sound of the school bell, and see large numbers of students transitioning to the classes. With that thought in mind, we hope that you and your family are enjoy fun times together, and that you are making time for rest and relaxation.

Our school has embraced a few new faces to our administrative and teaching staff, and I know that your child will embrace them as well when they return in August. The 8th grade year seems to always be an exciting time for our students. Many realize that it is their last year of middle school before they transition to high school. A few things to keep in mind, there are two major events that we look forward to celebrating in the 8th grade.

One of the highlights in the 8th grade is 8th grade promotion exercise. This memorable event celebrates the fact that for many of our students this is the last time they will be together as a class before attending high school. Throughout the school year I will be reminding my 8th graders that the promotion exercise is an earned/privileged school event. It is important for students to be aware that acceptable student conduct is one of the keys necessary to earn this wonderful privilege to attend. To this end, students and their parents will be informed of the expectations to attend promotion via the student contract-code of conduct. The student contract will be sent home during second quarter. We expect families to partner with us and we work together to do the best job possible to prepare your child for high school and beyond.

The second major event in the life of an 8th grader at Southwest Academy is making sure your child applies to as many magnet schools as possible. Your child will receive more information on the magnet school application process in mid-October and throughout the month of November. We will remind all parents to ensure that the deadline date for application submission is adhered to. I will continue to use our school’s call out system to keep all families abreast of all important information pertaining to students and their families.

In closing, continue to enjoy your summer and I look forward to greeting you during Back to School night in August 2016.



Mr. D. Smith

Assistant Principal, Grade 8