Class of 2019

We are super excited about the 2016-17 school year and our amazing new 6th graders receiving devices as a part of the S.T.A.T. movement within BCPS!!! Every incoming 6th grader will receive an HP Revolve Laptop.  We know that students and parents are also excited about this huge change for our school, and so are WE!!!  Our 6th Grade teaching team is working hard this summer through professional learning so that we are prepare to teach your student utilizing technology as a part of the instruction.  Please click this link to see what S.T.A.T. really is from a parent perspective. 

During the 2016-17 School Year students will have a home base within their advisory program (old homeroom). Within this 29 minute class students will be exposed to character education, device care and carry, Technology Netiquette (CyberWise),  and TEAM Building.

We are also making plans to visit North Bay in the spring.  This will be a very special trip for our students as we team up with Arbutus Middle School for this trip so that our amazing students get valuable learning experiences outside of the school building. We are also looking at other incentives for our 6th grade students. 

Meet our Team:

Mr. Joseph Kramer (Grade Level Administrator)

Dana Whelchel (Reading and Grade Level Team Leader)

School Counselors:  Ms. MacGowan and Ms. Lipscomb-Woods

English Language Arts: Ms. Chiappelli and Ms. Yorko 

Social Studies: Ms. Barrera and Ms. Richardson

Mathematics: Mr. Jackson and Mr. Pearsell

Science: Ms. Kreutzer and Mr. Porter

Spanish:  Ms. Olson and Ms. Thomas