Device Swap

Dear Southwest Academy Families,

You are receiving this correspondence because your child is eligible to participate in the first round of device swaps at Southwest Academy. The first round of middle school device swaps for  grades 6 and 7 students will take place onsite February 3- February 8 by appointment only. The second round of device swaps for grade 8 students will be announced soon.

Students who already have a Chromebook will not participate in the device swap process.  Eligible students with a BCPS Windows-based device (not Chromebook) must schedule a device swap appointment using the following link:

The drive-through distribution site will be located at the main entrance of the school.

Upon arrival on campus, please adhere to the guidelines below:

  • In order to protect yourself and our staff, please be sure to wear a face covering when you come to the school.
  • Drive through the bus entrance to the front of the school and remain in your vehicle.
  • If you walk to school, please follow the instructions of our staff, and remain in the designated location at least six feet away from other people.
  • If you walk to school, stay at least six feet away from other people.
  • Do not bring children or friends with you; leave children at home under the supervision of other family members, if possible. 
  • Finally, if you are ill or under isolation or quarantine because of your own illness or that of a close contact with an individual with COVID-19, please do not come to the school.  Please contact the school principal via email ( to make alternative arrangements.

We have created the following swap/distribution process to be a simple one-stop operation. The device swap/distribution process will consist of the following: 

  • Upon arrival, a staff member will provide you with a short student information form to complete, and a disposal pencil that you can use to complete the form in your vehicle. Please write legibly and complete all required information on the form.
  • Return the completed form to the staff member who is assisting you, and they will collect the form along with your child’s device and charger. You must return the charger with the Windows device. Failure to return the charger will result in a $40.00 charge to you. Device bags will NOT be collected.
  • PREFERRED: If you are able to open your trunk without getting out of your car, our staff will place your child’s device in the trunk of the car.
  • If you are unable to open your trunk without getting out of your car, our staff will place your child’s device on the back seat.

For your convenience, directions for logging into the Chromebook will be provided to families at the time of swap/ distribution.

Adhere to your scheduled appointment date and time to ensure you receive your child’s device. Due to the number of families being served, it is important that you are punctual for your scheduled appointment.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation with this process.  Should you have any questions please contact me via email. 



April N. Franklin, Principal