STEM Magnet Program


Southwest Academy is excited to announce the new middle school STEM magnet program starting in the 2021-2022 school year.

The program uses an innovative STEM curriculum that engages student in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through real-world, problem-based activities through hands-on projects based on authentic situations in STEM careers to help students discover their passions and explore pathways to a promising future. The new STEM curriculum provides cross-curricular, project-based learning that engages students in authentic lessons built around STEM-related careers. It also provides opportunities for students to deepen understanding and apply their knowledge in real world scenarios through phenomena driven, NGSS aligned and performance-based instructional activities. Throughout the program, students develop skills in science, math and engineering practices that are transferable and applicable to all high school magnet and non-magnet STEM-related pathways and courses. In previous years, we have hosted a Ladies in STEM career fair to attempt to enhance the underrepresentation of females and females of color in the STEM careers. Because of our focus on STEM, we are privileged to have partnerships with Northrop Grumman.

Courses offered

6th grade magnet science

Unit 1: Ecosystems Interactions

1. Building an Aquatic Habitat2. Wildlife Biologist: Bats

Unit 2: Matter and Its Interactions

1. Chemical Materials Engineer: Creating a New Portable Water Bottle2. The Chemistry of Paint

Unit 3: Forces and Motion

1. Police Officer: Accident Investigator2. Marine Engineer: Ferry Building

Unit 4: Space Systems

1. Industrial Aerospace Designer2. NASA Engineering Consultant: Crew Vehicle

Unit 5: Earth Systems

1. Geologist: Volcanology and Mount St. Helens2. Erosion Management Specialist


7th grade magnet science

Unit 1: Semester 1 -Automation and Robotics

1. What is Automation and Robotics?2. Mechanical Systems3. Automated Systems

Unit 1: Semester 2 -Designing and Modeling

1. Introduction to Design2. Solid Modeling3. Design Challenge


8th grade magnet science

Unit 1: Water, Water Cycles, and Watersheds

Unit 2: Freshwater Systems

Unit 3: Saltwater systems

Unit 4: Special Systems (Deep Sea, Hot Springs, etc.)